Business performance depends on application performance

Improve application performance to better leverage global resources, radically reduce the cost of running your business, and maximize employee productivity.

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    CAD Applications

    Acceleration, collaboration, centralization, and troubleshooting solutions for AutoCAD, Dassault Systemes, Bentley, PTC, and more

    Custom and Other Applications

    Riverbed acceleration, scalability, control, and troubleshooting solutions for content management systems, asset management and configuration software, and other applications.

    Collaboration & Productivity

    Performance solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, and Microsoft Office 365, IBM Lotus, file sharing, and more

    Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365

    With Riverbed, the world’s largest businesses and organizations can align business, IT, and user demands with critical business priorities – like how to maximize the Office 365 investment – while providing superior user experiences and increased productivity. 

    ERP & CRM applications

    Solutions for SAP, Oracle E-Business, Microsoft Dynamics, and more

    E-commerce and websites

    Acceleration, scalability, security, and monitoring solutions for eCommerce websites, corporate webpages, digital marketing sites, and more

    Data protection software

    Replication acceleration, bandwidth management, cloud integration, and troubleshooting solutions for RecoverPoint, SnapMirror, NetBackup, Backup Exec, Veeam, and more

    Unified communications

    Load-balancing, network optimization, and monitoring solutions for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Microsoft Lync, and more


    Riverbed solutions for VMware View, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and more.


    Monitoring and management solutions for Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, video broadcasts, and more

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  • By Industry


    IT has always been the backbone of the airline business, and because of globalization fast networks and advanced applications are more important than ever. Airlines are striving to differentiate their brands, increase cross-airline collaboration, and streamline operations.

    Energy & Utility

    Energy - industry solutions

    As worldwide demands for energy rise due to population growth and quality of life improvements, the energy industry will continue to realize significant growth and change.

    Financial Services

    Financial institutions around the globe turn to Riverbed to help them better understand their networks and application performance, to optimize and dramatically accelerate applications, enable server and datacenter consolidation projects and to facilitate fast, secure access for cloud storage.


    Government - industry solutions

    Hundreds of government organizations worldwide turn to Riverbed for help in meeting the most demanding IT goals in serving the needs of the citizens, achieving mission targets, and supporting warfighters.


    healthcare - industry solutions

    Healthcare organizations that choose Riverbed® performance solutions can improve the quality of their patient care and services while simultaneously reducing costs. From national clinic networks to major hospitals, there are many opportunities for improvements in IT performance.

    Manufacturing, Industrial, & Technology

    Companies in the manufacturing, industrial, and technology sectors all benefit from Riverbed® solutions that are deployed to improve time-to-market, reduce operational costs, and drive down risk.

    Media & Communications

    Media - Industry solutions

    In a deadline-driven industry like media, it’s critical that time-sensitive projects be completed and delivered on schedule, without exception. For global media firms that means 24/7 content delivery around the world—Riverbed® offers performance solutions to help.


    With an average cost of over $900 million and 15 years to develop a single new drug, most pharmaceutical companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to cut costs and shorten time-to-market.

    Retail & Consumer

    Riverbed® helps retail and consumer companies maximize profitability and enable better business and technology performance worldwide.

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Riverbed propose la plateforme la plus complète du marché pour l’informatique indépendante de l’emplacement, elle permet de transformer l’emplacement et la distance en un avantage compétitif. La Riverbed Application Performance Platform™ confère à l’informatique la souplesse requise afin d’héberger des applications et des données au sein des meilleurs sites disponibles tout en s’assurant que les applications fonctionnent comme prévu et que les données soient toujours accessibles en cas de besoin, les problèmes de performance sont identifiés et résolus avant même que les utilisateurs finaux ne les remarquent. Avec un chiffre d’affaires dépassant le milliard de dollars, Riverbed compte plus de 25 000 clients dont 97% des entreprises listées dans les classements Fortune 100 et Forbes Global 100.